Janice Ho is a singer-songwriter, writer, and podcaster. Originally from Toronto, currently residing in Vancouver.

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Janice Ho Creative is about embracing one’s calling in life, to lovingly accept the things that move one’s soul, and to share one’s journey and gifts in hopes that they might touch and inspire others who are exploring their own life purpose. Continue reading “About”

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Feeling Good

Before I made the big move to leave my career path and the city life, I’d sing this song and imagine that this is how I would feel once I was living my new life in nature — yes, feeling good. Since then, it’s become my personal anthem for my new journey!

“Feeling Good” was written by songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for a musical called The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd. But it came into recognition once Nina Simone did her famous rendition of it. Michael Bublé and others have also covered this song. Here’s my take 🙂

People Get Ready

I fell in love with this song after hearing Eva Cassidy’s cover of the The Impressions’ original. “People Get Ready” was written by Curtis Mayfield in the 1960’s, and is considered to be a Black American freedom song. For me, it’s a song of hope and deliverance from anything keeping us chained down and oppressed. People, get ready!

Ghost Town

“Ghost Town” is an original song in collaboration with The Butcher. This song was all about creating a particular feeling and mood — dark and sensual. It takes you through scenes of a barren ghost town, but one that is found inside the heart of someone who has just about given up on love and a meaningful existence. But, while unsaid, there always seems to be that glimmer of hope that a spark can be reignited, even in the most deserted of souls.

Janice Ho: Lyrics, Vocals
The Butcher: Music, Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Strings, Mixing
Unklang: Percussion, Strings, Mixing


“Havana” is an original song born out of a contest held on the Muse’s Muse songwriting forum (new website at: https://www.musesongwriters.com/forums/). Lyricist-musician teams got paired up to write a song. The lyricist had to choose from a list of cities to write about, and the musician had to use chord substitutions for any major chords in writing the music.

Alan and I chose Havana, which presented a big musical challenge for me in a number of ways — the different guitar style, writing and playing a guitar melody, and generally just creating a song that wasn’t so doom-and-gloom. The results though were worth it, and it’s become one of my favourite music collaborations.

Lyrics: Alan Gentle (lyricadia.com/alan-gentle)
Music/Guitar/Vocals: Janice Ho

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Yes, dreams really do come true …

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (originally, “Over the Rainbow” from the movie The Wizard of Oz) is a true classic that anyone with a dream can relate to.

Also check out Eva Cassidy’s moving version, and Katharine McPhee’s beautiful take on this standard.

Phoenix Rising

“Phoenix Rising” was one of the first songs I ever wrote, and went through several iterations before finding its final resting place.

It initially began as a poem, which was then modified into a mini-song (one verse, one chorus) called “I Will Rise.” That, then became a full-length song called “It’s Gonna Rain Again,” which was recorded as a 1+1 (voice and acoustic guitar).

A collaboration with the very talented The Butcher turned the song into “Phoenix Rising.” The bigger instrumentals give this story of hurt, anger and redemption just the power it needs.

Janice Ho: Lyrics, Music, Vocals
The Butcher: Music, All Instrumental (except drums), Mixing
Malt: Drums

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Welcome to my journey living a life of passion, purpose and creativity ❤

You can read all of my blog posts on music, writing and spiritual development here.

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