The freelancer you’ll want on your team.

Janice is a freelance editor, writer, and researcher who brings her marketing lens into a project when needed. Based in Toronto, Canada, she works on both local and remote projects.


Communicate your message the way it’s meant to be read. As a copy editor and proofreader, I’ll polish your work so you can focus on the bigger – and more important – picture that is your content.


Spread your message further afield, engage with your customers, or promote your noteworthy business, service, or product. I’ll create your next blog post, revamp your website copy, or pen your next report.


Have a line-up of interview, focus group, or business meeting recordings you need transcribed quickly? I’ll produce accurate and well-formatted transcripts for you, all within a fast turnaround time.


Need professional data analysis help on your research project? How about some background research for a report? I’ve got you covered with over 10 years of research experience that will meet your needs.

“Janice is a great collaborator with strong communication and organization skills. Over the years, she has worked on a number of projects in which the value she adds to the team is clear. An all-around important player.”

Antonio Gomes (CEO, Urban Crops)

Let’s create something compelling together.