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Janice Ho Creative is about embracing one’s calling in life, to lovingly accept the things that move one’s soul, and to share one’s journey and gifts in hopes that they might touch and inspire others who are exploring their own life purpose. Continue reading “About”

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Welcome to my journey living a life of passion, purpose and creativity ❤

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I started writing a book a few months ago. It’s about my spiritual development journey, each chapter focusing on a different spiritual learning I’ve gained over the last couple of years. One of the chapters centers around power and oppression. It’s definitely the most difficult chapter to write, and I often find myself closing my […]

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The call of work is always, well, calling. Clanging its bell to remind you that the time is always ripe to make a few bucks. After a couple of days of feeding farm animals, doing my online freelancing job, feeding farm animals again, going back to the online freelancing job, then going to bed exhausted […]

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