I’m a marketing-savvy copy editor who will help you communicate what you want to say to the audience you mean to say it to.

Janice Ho is a freelance copy editor who brings her marketing lens into a project when needed. She is also a writer and researcher and works remotely with clients from around the world.


Communicate your message the way it’s meant to be read. Are you an organization requiring professional, accurate editing on your reports or manuscripts? Or a business leader who needs your marketing copy to capture your target audience’s attention? Either way, I’ll make your writing clear, targeted, and free of distracting errors so your audience can focus on the most important thing: your message.


Have a line-up of interview, focus group, or business meeting recordings you need transcribed quickly? I’ll produce accurate and well-formatted transcripts for you, all within a fast turnaround time, so you can get to understanding what your data means.


Need professional data analysis help on your research project? How about some background research for a report? I’ve got you covered with over 10 years of research experience that will meet your project needs.

“I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Janice Ho for copyediting. Janice worked for me as a copy editor for almost a year. In that time, she demonstrated the rare ability to intuit what authors intend to say and quickly grasp diverse and complex scientific topics. She was always extremely reliable, never delivering work late.

In fact, Janice did so well as a copyeditor, when I decided to change careers, I referred all my clients to her. I was confident that she could deliver the same quality of work that I had been delivering for over 10 years in the same field.”

Jon Deitcher (Former Scientific & Biomedical Copy Editor)

Let’s create something compelling together.