I’m Janice Ho, a freelance copy editor known for my strong attention to detail, fast turnaround times, and ability to make complex ideas easy to understand.

I am based in Toronto, Canada, but work remotely with clients from around the world. Contact me to discuss how I can help with your next editing project.

Copy Editing

Work with me and:

  • Get back a polished piece of writing on time, every time. (I’m never late with a deadline.)
  • Get unstuck when you’re struggling to make your copy engaging – I know how to ask the right questions or suggest changes to get your writing flowing again.
  • Feel confident that your report or manuscript will read professionally and be taken seriously by your audience.
  • Save time (and aggravation) you’d otherwise spend on revising writing that’s below your standards.
  • See a boost in audience engagement because your readers finally connect with your message and content.
  • Publish edited content that exudes your brand voice and personality.
  • Work with a professional who is committed to ongoing learning – I am a member of ACES: The Society for Editing and continuously upgrade my skills through trainings and courses.
  • Work with a communicative, friendly freelancer who has 7+ years of experience working remotely with teams from around the world.

“I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Janice Ho for copyediting. Janice worked for me as a copyeditor for almost a year. In that time, she demonstrated the rare ability to intuit what authors intend to say and quickly grasp diverse and complex scientific topics. She was always extremely reliable, never delivering work late.

In fact, Janice did so well as a copyeditor, when I decided to change careers, I referred all my clients to her. I was confident that she could deliver the same quality of work that I had been delivering for over 10 years in the same field.”

Jon Deitcher (Former Scientific & Biomedical Copy Editor)

What does copy editing include?

I will edit your copy to ensure it is:

  • clear and concise, so your readers quickly understand your message
  • organized and consistent, so your content looks professional instead of confusing
  • accurate, so you avoid any embarrassing errors
  • flowing logically and smoothly from one idea to the next, so you don’t lose your readers’ attention
  • focused on your target audience, so you use your marketing resources wisely

My copy editing service also includes everything under proofreading (see below).


Having your writing proofread means your reader won’t be distracted by rambling sentences or spelling errors. Instead, they can focus on the important message you want to deliver to your audience.

If you just want a detailed sweep of your writing, instead of a more in-depth edit, I will proofread your content to ensure accuracy of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as consistency in formatting and style.

What I Edit and Proofread

My copy editing and proofreading projects span a broad range of communication products including:

  • research reports
  • audit reports
  • journal manuscripts
  • theses
  • presentations
  • resumes
  • funding/grant applications
  • website copy
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • marketing emails
  • social media copy
  • e-books
  • guides and checklists
  • brochures
  • and more!

My projects have also included a diversity of topics such as life sciences, education, the environment, sustainability, farming, food, nutrition, wellness, mental health, social commentary, and more.

“Janice provided exceptional copyediting for a value-for-money audit report that I managed. Her attention to detail helped to detect tonal inconsistencies, correct grammatical typos, avoid passive voice, and get the complete message across to readers in a concise manner. She produced excellent work in a fast-paced, tight-deadline environment.

The final report is much clearer for the target layperson audience than it would have been without her help, as she was able to effectively convey complex, technical subjects in an understandable way. I absolutely recommend Janice for copyediting.”

Thomas Fitzmaurice, CPA (Auditor, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

Who I Edit For: My Clients

Organizations that produce reports, manuscripts, and other documents

I help organizations, agencies, and academics – like the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – polish their reports, manuscripts, and other documents.

I use editing tools and style manuals, and adhere to journal style guidelines and scientific naming conventions (where needed), to ensure a high degree of consistency, organization, and accuracy.

I edit government-related communications resources understanding the importance of thoughtful positioning and detail to accuracy.

Moreover, with my marketing experience, I am well-versed in editing copy for conciseness and impact and making complex information easily understandable to readers.

“Janice and I worked together this past year as she was an editor on one of our office’s audit reports. Throughout the entire editing process, she was amazing to work with. Not only does she excel in communicating with and being social with the team, her work was always turned around very quickly and well. Through touchpoints such as Microsoft Teams, email, or phone calls, she always made herself available to get the job done.

Her skills as an editor were an asset to our team as she found many errors and redundancies in the material that we as a team did not pick up on. Her contributions to the flow of the report were effective and helped get the final product completed in a timely manner. Overall, Janice was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to any organization looking for a dedicated, efficient and overall great worker. Thanks Janice!”

– Romeo Segota, CPA (Audit Supervisor, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

Businesses that create marketing and communications copy

I help businesses and entrepreneurs clean up their website copy, blog posts, marketing emails, and other communications products.

With my marketing lens, I always ask, “Who are you writing this for?” before diving into an edit. I know I can serve my clients best when the writing is targeted to the people they actually want to communicate to!

However, I can also simply edit a piece of writing as is. I will free your copy of any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors; ensure the writing is clear, concise, and in active voice; and provide suggestions for any larger content changes that may create greater impact.

“Working with Janice Ho is a great combination of easy-going and joyful interaction with serious, timely, critical edits to my writing. I am often surprised at how fast Janice responds to drafts that I send her, always with encouragement and key edits or ideas that were missing.

She not only has an eye for detailed editing, she guides me on the overall strategy and approach to successfully promoting my own work. Janice can put herself in the shoes of my audience and make sure my messaging is understandable to someone reading it for the first time. Janice’s marketing savvy has been really valuable to my online teaching and growing my small business.”

– Lara Mrosovsky (Co-founder, Miinikaan)

My Rates

I work on a sliding scale of $75–$90/hr (+50% for a 24-hour-or-less turnaround time for certain contracts). I have a flexible schedule and am usually available for projects with short deadlines.

Work With Me

What piece of writing do you need polished with an editor’s eagle eye? Click the button below to contact me through the website contact form. Or email me at janicehocreative@gmail.com. Let’s discuss how I can help you deliver your message the way it’s meant to be read.

Projects I’ve Worked On

Want to learn more about my work? Check out my Project Portfolio here to find out how I’ve contributed to the success of my clients’ projects.

More Kudos From My Clients

“I highly recommend Janice for her editing and communication skills. She worked with us as a consultant editor for the past two report seasons and has demonstrated excellence in copyediting and proofreading. Always efficient and collaborative, Janice is pleasure to interact with and she is utterly reliable as well. An evolved communicator, Janice appreciates the nuances and the importance of building rapport while working largely remotely. Janice’s hard work and support was crucial to our team’s success.”

– Karen Skeaff (Manager, Editorial Services and Lead Writer/Editor, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

“Over the past year, I had the pleasure of working with Janice who performed copy editing of a technical audit report I was working on. She did a great job at making technical and complex ideas simple to read and understand. I was impressed with how thorough she was and her ability to work with whatever deadlines that were provided to her. She was very responsive and easy to deal with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”

– Michael Yarmolinsky, MBA, CPA, CA, CISA (Audit Director, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

“Janice has that special attention to details and helpful ideation that gives you confidence in all the copy edits and collateral she creates. Janice adds creativity, professionalism, and perfect execution to any project. I am glad to have access to the high calibre efforts Janice provides and would not hesitate to recommend her services to any team.”

– Joseph Martino (Head of Technology, Primaris REIT)

“It’s often hard to find an editor who feels like a true partner, but that’s exactly what I found in Janice while I worked with her on one of my value-for-money audit reports in 2022. ‘Effective’ and ‘efficient’ are two adjectives that come to mind when I think about Janice. I was particularly impressed by Janice’s ability to understand and simplify technical information into a form that can be understood by ordinary people.

I was also amazed by Janice’s time management skill given our tight timeline, as she was not only able to complete the basic edits within a very short time, but also able to provide insightful comments or suggestions that helped improve the audit report. Last but not least, Janice has a fantastic personality – super friendly and approachable! If you’re looking for an editor or a writer, I’d wholeheartedly recommend hiring Janice, who would be a true asset to any client or team!”

– Gigi Yip (Audit Director, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

“Working with Janice on a report from the office of the Auditor General of Ontario was a fantastic experience. Her communication and collaboration skills made each step along the way easy and efficient. She produced top quality work with an incredibly small turn around time. Her flexibility with work schedules was very impressive and aided the entire team. Having her as part of the team made the report better and eased the writing process. I highly recommend Janice as an editor.”

– Jeremy Found, CPA (VFM Senior Auditor, Office of the Auditor General of Ontario)

“I hired Janice to edit a grant application that I had a short deadline on. She not only corrected my grammar and structure of my entire application, but more importantly she also made edits and adjusted the flow of my answers based on the context of what I was applying for to better suit the funder’s requirements. In addition, I found her knowledge and skill of Google Docs very helpful in the editing.”

– Ivan Wadgymar (Founder, Maizal)

“Janice was hired to edit our entire wellness website. Our team found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. Her guidance helped walk us through the process with clarity, and she made things on our site more clear and easy to understand. She was patient and able to quickly pick up on our needs for the site. Janice is a real pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend her skills to anyone looking for more clarity and optimization of their website.”

– Lucy Duong (Business owner)

“What Janice has been able to do for my business is to write and edit my marketing copy as though she’s speaking from my voice and personality. I read it and go, ‘That’s me.’ Because Janice listens intently to me when I speak, she’s able to express my passion and viewpoint through the content – it allows me to engage with my audience so that they know who ZeenatLife is, and who I am.

Also, the small steps we take each week on my marketing strategy are leading me to something bigger that is making me so passionate about my purpose. It’s the building blocks to where I want to go. We have to get savvy about social media, because that’s how we communicate with our audience. I’m inspired every Monday during my sessions with Janice!”

– Zeenat Chagani, PMP, CNP (Certified Nutrition Practitioner & Wellness Coach, ZeenatLife)