Janice Ho Creative is about embracing one’s calling in life, to lovingly accept the things that move one’s soul, and to share one’s journey and gifts in hopes that they might touch and inspire others who are exploring their own life purpose.

Janice Ho is a singer-songwriter, blogger and writer from Toronto, Canada. As a young girl, she took piano and classical voice lessons and, as an adult, picked up the guitar and delved into songwriting. You can hear some of her music on SoundCloud and YouTube.

She currently blogs at Nature Immersed, a website dedicated to inspiring others to (re)connect with nature. After leaving her former career path as a researcher in the criminal justice field in October 2016, Janice moved to a farm so that she could live more of her life in nature, where she is the happiest version of herself.

On Nature Immersed, Janice shares her journey living the farm life, as well as her adventures backcountry camping and exploring places of nature while traveling abroad.

Janice is also currently working on writing a book about her spiritual awakening and journey. Her story shares deep learnings gained while navigating her new life path, and flashes back to past experiences — many painful, all growth-inspiring — to reflect on her progression towards spiritual and creative freedom.

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