Hi, I’m Janice. And you are?

I’m Janice Ho, a freelance editor, writer, and researcher. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, I work both locally and remotely with clients. Contact me at janice.sj.ho@gmail.com to introduce yourself and share your project needs.



I get inspired by writers who share about the good they’re doing in the world, but not by spelling errors or awkward sentences. I’m passionate about editing and proofreading because I want people’s ideas, stories, and life’s work to be the only thing on the page catching their readers’ attention.

TRANSCRIBE / research

I’ve been told that I type at mind-boggling speeds, which lends itself well to transcribing. I also enjoy bringing my other research skills into my freelance work: designing research tools (who doesn’t enjoy debating over the right questions to include in a survey?), conducting interviews (I love to ask questions and learn about others), and analyzing data (my brain enjoys spotting the details and connecting them to form the bigger picture).


I’ve met so many people who have compelling stories, projects, and business ideas but don’t quite know how to share them with the world. I help those people to get their messages out from their hearts and heads, so that others can learn and be inspired by them.

for fun

I live for backcountry camping (the longer the stay in the woods, the better); traveling (if it weren’t for the pandemic, I’d be digital nomading in sunnier climates during the Canadian winter); and singing (my first creative passion, even before writing). I’m also penning my first book, which is not always fun (many tears have already been shed), but it’s the only thing I’d regret on my deathbed not doing before I go.

where i’ve worked

freelance editor, writer & researcher

2015 – Present

Since this whole website is about what I do as a freelance editor, writer, and researcher, all I’ll say here is that I thrive on working with a diversity of clients on an array of projects. As a life-long student, it keeps me surprised and learning. I also have such an eclectic mix of work experiences and skills, that freelancing has been the best way to put it all into good use to help others.


2015 – Present

“Communications consultant” is probably being a little unfair to myself, since in addition to creating and editing content for Urban Crops’/Cavaleiro Farm’s website, blog, marketing emails, sales pages, ebooks (etc.), and helping to develop webinars and online courses, I’m also involved in strategic and project planning for the overall business. I also used to herd the farm’s sheep, but am currently taking a break from shepherdess duties to hole away in my tiny cabin and write my book.


2018 – Present

Be the Change Group inspires my right- and left-brained talents as a population health firm that delivers both creative and research services. For BTCG, I’ve helped with creating engaging communications plans as well as designing and executing research for clients in the health and environmental sectors.

researcher, project coordinator & R&D manager

2009 – 2016

Before I turned freelancer, I worked in research, evaluation, and policy-related positions in the criminal justice and health fields. This first career had me working with academics, non-profit organizations, and government on topics like mental illness, homelessness, poverty, incarceration, the courts, substance use, diabetes education, and more. It was a life-changing experience and set the groundwork for a strong research skill set – particularly in qualitative research, because I tend to gravitate toward where the stories are found.