Take a Moment

The call of work is always, well, calling.

Clanging its bell to remind you that the time is always ripe to make a few bucks.

After a couple of days of feeding farm animals, doing my online freelancing job, feeding farm animals again, going back to the online freelancing job, then going to bed exhausted but wired, only to have to wake up to do it all over again, I just couldn’t bring myself to experience life like this a third day in a row.

Even though I had told myself that I would grind it out — “just for now” — because, well, I really “should.”

The thing is that I know very well that it will always feel like making money is an imperative.

And that maybe if we just focus on that “for now”, it’ll give us the freedom later to live our lives the way we really want to.

But it never ends, my friends.

There will always be something more that you think you want or need. There will always be “bigger” and “better” waving their flashy arms at you from a distance, insisting that you don’t look too happy standing where you are.

Where they are though? Trust them, life is banging over there.

I experienced those feelings both when I was really struggling financially back in the day, and when I had a well-paying job and was living a fairly comfortable life.

It’s really not about how much you have or don’t have. It’s about that mindset we’re all conditioned to adopt that more is better, or that life is not complete without x, y, and z (variables which typically require — you guessed it — more money).

I don’t mind working hard at all. In fact, I wouldn’t not want to work.

But where I butt heads with the need to make money is when the other, ultimately more important things in my life begin to suffer.

Like singing.

Like doing my daily spiritual practice of journalling and reflection.

Like writing creatively for my website or book.

Like reading something inspiring.

Like taking care of my health by eating well.

Somehow, when I’m in the grind, I’m either too tired, too uninspired, or too distracted to think about those things, much less do any of them.

So, this morning, feeling tired and dazed, I decided to take care of myself.

I sang.

I took a long time to cook something nice and warm for this cold, rainy day.

I read some writings by Elisa Romeo, an author on the topic of spirituality (among other things) who I just stumbled upon.

And, well, I guess writing this post was me pausing, reflecting, and realigning myself.

What about you?

Do you need to take a pause, too?

Don’t worry, the work will always be there, waiting for you.

That moment you need to take, though? That will pass you by. Take it. 😉

~ Janice xo

3 thoughts on “Take a Moment

  1. I wrote a similar post about a week ago. Mine’s probably more dark though..lol. “For now” is okay unless if it ends up being closer to forever.

    If I had to work some uninspiring job then I would do it as little as possible even if it meant eating beans out of a can 3 times a day. That’s how I feel right now anyway.

    Like you, I’m trying to enjoy the day by doing what I like and what’s good for me instead of dwelling on the unhealthy ideas that culture has imposed on us.


    1. lol I know what you mean about eating beans out of a can 3 times a day … although I love my food too much. It would be hard lol. But seriously though, I have found that being willing to cut down what you spend means you can have so much more freedom, because you take that pressure off yourself of having to make a certain amount of money. Glad you are trying to change your approach to life. It sounds like one that make you happier 🙂 Thanks for sharing and hope you stay well!


      1. Yeah, the good food part is hard to get away from. Sometimes I want to stick my finger down my throat just so I can hit up another restaurant. There’s also that battle with the fear of feeling like a loser/failure in life. Conformity is often failing but you get to fail with the comfort of others. It’s weird that humans are this complex in this present age when we all know we’re going to die and be quickly forgotten.


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