Creative Space (Days 25-26 & 32 of #100daysofmusic)

My #100daysofmusic project (for the #100DayProject movement) has been progressing in waves — you know, up and down.

I think I always knew this, but it’s certainly been reinforced over the last few weeks that my physical space has a huge effect on my creativity, as well as my singing voice.

As someone who is super sensitive to her external environment (the weather, allergens, noise, other people), I have found it challenging to consistently feel comfortable enough to practice my music while moving around over and over again in Vancouver.

Long story as to why the nomadic life. But the important thing is learning how to work around it, because I suspect that I’ll be wandering around the world for a while πŸ˜‰

“Cups” (Anna Kendrick cover)

I finally got a little music video up on my Instagram (@janicehoimages) a few days ago. I’m typically drawn to singing slow, moody songs with lots of minor-key action. But I had fun learning the more upbeat “Cups” by Anna Kendrick (from Pitch Perfect).

I was inspired to share what actually goes on during a practice session by another Instagrammer @patrick.hyatte, who is also taking part in #The100DayProject. He posts regularly on practicing the violin and explains the techniques he’s working on, etc.

For some reason, what I wrote disappeared from my Insta post! But here’s what it said:

I’m all about variation and dynamics, so once I know the melody, I like to play around with it so that (for example) Verse 2 sounds a bit different from Verse 1. You can hear me experimenting with this in the vid!

[*Hmm, why aren’t the videos showing up on this post?! While I figure this out, if you click on the box below, you will be taken to the video on Instagram!]


“Falling” (The Civil Wars cover) – with Tobias

One cool living space I ended up in was an Airbnb with four other guests who all played the guitar at one one level or another!

Tobias was one of them. One day, he knocked on my door as I was playing in my room and said: “Thanks for the music!”

We ended up playing some songs together and he learned the guitar part for a song I’ve been working on called “Falling” by The Civil Wars.

It was SO awesome and freeing to just be able to sing while someone played the guitar for me!


“Phoenix Rising” (Original) – with Chris

Yesterday, I met up with a fellow singer-songwriter friend, Chris, at a rehearsal studio in Vancouver.

We spent a couple of hours jamming to each others’ chosen tunes, both on guitar for the first hour and Chris on the drums the second.

We were both feeling slightly under the weather and hadn’t heard ourselves sing for a few days, but the rule was: “No judgment, this is a safe space.” πŸ™‚

It’s great to have these creative spaces available to musicians who might want to wail away, but maybe doing so at home isn’t the greatest idea!


Do you have a preferred space for working on your creative projects? Is it a specific physical place? Or does it also involve people (or alone time!)?

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