The Siren’s Song (Day 15 of #100DaysofMusic)

Recently, I’ve been working on crafting a lyric entitled The Siren’s Song. I thought I had somehow lost my ability to write emo lyrics, but I guess not!

Across all songwriters, you’ll find different processes for songwriting. I have always found it incredibly difficult to start with the music or melody first. I feel like I have to then force myself to make a lyric fit within that.

I guess I’m about the story — making sure I’m saying what I want to say, then finding a melody and chords that bring that story to life.

I’m not saying that it’s the best method. In fact, I find it pretty inspiring when I see songwriters doing it the other way!

Well, here’s what I’ve got so far for The Siren’s Song. Whether or not it turns into an actual song that I’ll record is secondary at the moment.

I’ve had songwriter’s block for months now that it’s simply about getting words onto paper!

The Siren’s Song (work in progress)

Crawling down your back
That sense of shadowed things
Around the darkened bend
Where the siren’s sing

But step by step you find
Your feet keep moving on
Beckoned by the call
Of the siren’s song

And you know what
Curiosity will do to you
Shake you, break you
Take you down to your knees
But what’s on the other side
>>(What’s the hook?!)

Now you’re rolling in the sea
Pulled under by her spell
Deeper, darker, down you go
Into the wishing well

A siren knows what myths you’ve told
To enter the abyss
She’s seen them cheat, lie, deceive
Their way to feel her kiss

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