I don’t listen to many podcasts — I find most of the ones I’ve heard pretty difficult to listen to, to be honest! — but when I do get in the mood for some good talks, I like tuning in to Motivational Millennial’s podcast.

I find that I always leave with some newfound wisdom or encouragement to do better for myself — whether that’s related to work life or my personal development.

They just wrapped up Season 1, and I wanted to share their finale episode, “Strength Through Vulnerability”, HERE.

It’s actually in a different format than their usual interview-style episodes, where co-hosts Blake and Ivy access the minds some seriously inspirational guests. (Some of my fave episodes are here, here, and here).

But I did want to reflect on this particular episode’s topic: Vulnerability.

As Blake and Ivy mention, we typically regard vulnerability as an unfavourable state to be in.

Indeed, when I looked up the word “vulnerability” in the thesaurus, I got back a lot of negative synonyms, like unsafe, weak, threatened.

But then, one other word caught my eye: Unveiled.

When we think of an “unveiling”, we think of an uncovering of something special hidden underneath the shroud that has been masking it.

For example, an exquisite piece of art may be unveiled at the grand opening of an exhibit. The cloth that had been draped over the art work was but a sheath to hide the beautiful masterpiece underneath.

In many ways, we live covered up under layers of our own mask — a mask stitched together with elements of fear, insecurity, shame, and guilt.

The longer our magnificent artwork remains hidden, the more we forget what it looks like.

What were those exquisite shades of colour that brought our creation to life? What were the details in the drawing — the lines here, the curves there, the bold strokes, the faded etches — that made our picture whole?

The more layers we pile on top of our masterpiece, the heavier the shroud becomes and the more work it takes to strip it away.

But there’s good news, if you take this analogy one step further. It also means that you — the authentic You — is completely separate from the mask you wear on top of it.

In other words, the mask — all of the negative self-perceptions you hold close to you — is actually not a part of who you truly are.

And like a physical mask, if you remove it from yourself, it doesn’t take anything away from you as person. If anything, You shine brighter. You have the freedom to finally be seen, unveiled.

You can listen to the podcast episode on Vulnerability to gain more insights into how making yourself vulnerable actually strengthens you.

In the meantime, have the courage to at least take a peek at what’s under the veil. Reconnect with the masterpiece that you are. Remind yourself of the colours and details that make you whole.

And if you’re feeling extra brave, fling that veil off altogether and celebrate the freedom of sharing your authentic self with the rest of the world!

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