Old Soul

I wanted to take a quick break from writing my book to talk about being an Old Soul.

I recently started reading a bunch of articles on LonerWolf (a website created by two spiritual mentors), particularly the ones about Old Souls.

I’ve always believed that I am Old Soul — and have also been told that I’m one by others. I’ve always felt much older than I really am, and become easily emotionally drained taking in others’ emotions and suffering (I’ve also been told that I’m an empath, so that adds to the energy drain!).

I have carried a sense of weariness about the world that is beyond just deploring the hate and pain being experienced globally.

It’s a sense of not feeling like I even belong on this planet sometimes. This quote from LonerWolf’s article “10 Universal Problems Old Souls Experience” I think sums it up:

They long to find a place where they feel like they belong, a space filled with freedom and liberation.  This often results in the feeling that this world is not their true home.

Feeling like there’s nowhere in this world where you truly fit in can obviously result in some sadness. Everyone wants to feel belongingness in some way or another.

For a long time, I did find it depressing and kept “searching” for people or groups where I could feel a sense of acceptance.

But I think part of my spiritual journey is to focus on what’s going on inside me, to work on accepting myself as I am, so that no matter where I am in the world, I will always feel that I am just as I’m supposed to be.

Wanting to move towards the things that deeply fulfill and nurture my soul is a big reason why I am going down this new life path. It’s why I have moved away from a conventional path of “success” that really doesn’t mean anything to me.

The more I listen to what my intuition and heart tells me, the more I believe that I’m discovering the way my Old Soul self was meant to live her days while here on Earth.

2 comments on “Old Soul

  1. Hey again,

    I haven’t heard of that website before but I’ll have to look into it. I’ve been told most of my life that I am also an old soul but never paid it much mind really. I just figured if that’s what I am than so be it. I knew I didn’t particularly fit in with most groups of people and at times could be a social pariah of sorts, even tuning out at times (which I guess is why I withdrew from online periodically) but I figured if those were the cards I was dealt than I guess I had to make them work for me. I had one person ask if I was an indigo child before which made me start thinking on what it means to be different in our society.

    I don’t follow too much on the spiritual side of things though and try to take things for what they are I guess. If there’s some deeper meaning there, some context that helps form the basis of who I am, than I suppose I’m not always the best at formulating it into words. I think when I was younger people would call me an ‘old
    soul’ since I was into things out of touch for my age group such as classic cars or films or old music – but I as I grew up I started noticing that I was usually the one to empathize with other’s problems as well. There were times when I tried to rebel against who I was but nowadays I’m glad that I’m this way, if the whole world was the same I guess it would be pretty awful wouldn’t it?

    Not sure if I would be considered an empath but I suppose it’s possible. I guess I realized that my outlook on things was different which made it hard to fit in wherever I was in the world. Being in the city isn’t everything and I find a lot of the time it leaves me feeling slightly drained being around such a throng of
    interactivity at times. Makes me sentimental for the days of my youth when I was carefree growing up in cottage country with miles of open space to run around in, only care in the world getting a chocolate bar or collecting baseball cards or some other simple way of passing the summer days.

    Being an old soul I think has it’s perks though – I think it channels some sort of internal energy for some creative types, helps them find metaphors or other ways of expressing themselves in ways that perhaps they can’t do in regular conversation. I think it also makes you stronger in a lot of ways in dealing with certain situations. I found I was always the “calm” one in times of distress with others. Plus having the qualities of an older soul makes you unique in a world that often seems fixated on a youth culture and materialistic success.

    You do sound like an old soul though to me, which I think is a good thing. I think it’s important to take things as they come, not feel too overwhelmed with what’s going on in the world or whatever. I don’t really follow the news or anything else too closely as I find it can ruin my day if I’m in a certain mood. If that happens I usually just put on a good tune or find another way of resetting my homeostasis to zero. It’s probably also important to get your space sometimes and be “immersed” with the elements of nature (no pun intended lol). Which I guess is what you’re doing now. I’m itching to go somewhere quiet myself again, feeling a bit tired of the downtown living. It’s against my true nature I think, at least to be living in such a place all the time. It can be hard to find a good place where you fit in but I think it’s the right step by accepting who you are first and going from there:)


    • Hey Chris, Thanks so much for your thoughts and sharing about your own experience as well. Haha, yup, needing my quiet space is definitely a huge reason why I left the city and am living immersed in nature now! It was against my true nature for sure to be in the concrete jungle. I agree that there are perks to being an old soul — and the more I understand and accept who I am (that I’m not actually odd or that it’s okay to need aloneness sometimes..or a lot of the time), the more I’ve been able to learn how to maintain that equilibrium you spoke of. I think I’ve come to realize that working to maintain that inner balance is really what experiencing happiness is all about (at least for me).


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