Vlog: Why Do We Share Our Music?

I just happened to come by some old vlog posts that I had recorded in 2013, when I first started my songwriting journey.

I was keeping a private blog back then, because I wanted to document the process, thoughts and learnings I was experiencing at such an early stage in my new music endeavour.

It seems pretty appropriate that I let some of these vlog posts resurface now, as I again embark on a new creative journey.

Well, perhaps it is more a continuation of the creative journey I have been ambling down my whole life. It’s just that I’m at a fork in the road now, and have decided to take the next step in sharing my music with others.

So, why do we share our music?

That’s what this video post was all about.

I still think these are reasons for why we share our music. There’s the other question of why we create music in the first place — I think for many of us, it’s just that intense, irrefutable need to get whatever’s in our soul out in some tangible form of expression — but with respect to why we then feel the need to share our creations with others, that’s a different story.

What about you? Are you a creator? Why do you share your creations with others?

10 thoughts on “Vlog: Why Do We Share Our Music?

        1. I timed mine for 3 minutes, I definitely wouldn’t go more than that. But between 1-2 minutes is also really good. I’d also say to jot down notes beforehand on what you want to talk about, so you don’t veer off course!

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